The invention of dedicated, built-in surf system introduced by most of the major boat manufacturers has been a game changer for ballast bags in the wakesurf industry. However, if don’t have a spare $80k or more to upgrade into one of these new boats, Ronix has got you covered. Their new 8.3 telescoping ballast bags is the fastest ballast system in the world. Their trapezoid shape keeps them from rolling over and the ultra high tensile reinforced materials ensure the bag will never fail. The pump options are a 12 amp version that pumps 3000 GPH or and 20 amp version that pumps a ridiculous 3700 GPH; it’s like a fire hose is filling your ballast. The bags come in 400, 800, and 1100 pound options so there’s plenty option depending on your boat size. Don’t waste precious time on the water with other ballast systems, get the Ronix 8.3 line. It is also available in plug and play system to connect directly to your boats internal ballast.