After taking a year hiatus, SBC Wakeboard is back and ready to be picked up! You can order your subscription here or you can find some copies in your local shops!

We stepped into a different direction with the relaunch which is most evident by Ontario rider, Dary Znebel, landing the cover. Who is Dary you might be asking? Well if you haven’t checked out The Coalition, first off your missing out big time! Secondly, you’ll see why Dary earned the cover. That Dary Znebel, so hot right now… Inside you’ll find a feature interview with Dary about the set backs and bumps in the road to get to this point in his career.




Another feature is on the Flatland Friends from good ol’ Saskatchewan. This group of friends had a rather inconveniencing problem, the closest cable park was over NINE hours away, so they put their heads together and came up with a solution. They built their own wakepark.

After six months of travelling around the world, Ben Leclair looks back on his adventure and shares some incredible life experiences.



What happens when Raph Derome, Aaron Rathy and Felix Georgi spend 10 days in a van in search of new terrain to winch. A lot of unreal shots, sketchy situations and stories that couldn’t make it print.