The Judgement, Rip Curl, Wake Canada

Rip Curl’s The Judgement Athlete Bio: Ben Leclair
Age: 18
Hometown: Valleyfield, QC

What has been the best moment in your riding career?
Winning the Wake Dans Rue events. It’s the biggest Wakeboarding event in Quebec. Last year I won two stops and this year I won the 1st stop and finished second at the 2nd stop.

Who are the most inspiring riders to watch?
I ride with Raph Derome almost every day. I think he is the most inspiring since he is the best.

If you could ride anywhere in the world with any crew, where would it be and who would be there?
Raph Derome and all my friends. I would go to Thailand to the Thai Wake Park. It’s a perfect cable.

I know you went to the Thai Wake Park this past year, how long were you there and how was the riding?
Three weeks and the riding was really fun. It’s a great cable with lots of big obstacles

What’s your favorite wake movie?
Liquid Force, The Truth.

What’s your favourite pump up song?
Full Clip” by Gang Star

If you could be a professional athlete in any other sport what would it be?
Skateboarding. I think it’s pretty much the toughest sport. I have lots of respect for all professional skateboarders.

Do you want to thank anyone?
I’d like to thank Slingshot, Hype Energy Drinks, Dragon Eyewear, O’Neill and Axis”