Jordan Sullivan is a local Ontario boy. He spends his summer’s working at The Rail Yard and competing on The Roots Wake Series, and slays the park of Lakeridge and Dagmar all winter long. Jordan is an ambi-boarder. Not only a talented and super stylish wakeskater, Jordan shocked the world of Instagram last fall with this photo below. The rest is history.



Activities in the off season:
1. Eat
2. Sleep
3. Snowboard


Songs to Party to:
I only party vicariously through Paul Reid’s snapchat stories.


People to ride with:
1. Adam Fairbrass
2. Clayton Cotton
3. Dylan Cook


Guilty pleasures:
1. Wakeboarding
2. Putting a GoPro on my head
3. Chai tea lattes.


TV Shows:
Dragons Den and The Simpsons are the only two shows I watch.


1. The Big Lebowski

2. American Psycho
3. Pulp Fiction


People to follow on instagram:
1. @wakezeach
2. @pocketfigures
3. @lakeridgesnowparks





Jams that you ride to:
1. Graham Nash- Better Days
2. Young Jeezy- Who Dat
3. Tyga (Feat. Honey Cocaine)- Heisman


People you text:
None of your bees wax


People you’re stoked to watch ride:
1.Braden Ioi
2. Clemont Depreville
3. Drew Austin


Places to ride:
1. The Railyard
2. The Ranch
3. CWC


Karaoke songs:


Pro riders:
1. Andrew Pastura
2. Yan Lecomte
3. Raph Derome.


Ultimate hotties:
1. Dani Brown
2. Dani Brown
3. Dani Brown


Things you can’t live without:
1. Black t-shirts
2. Boardin
3. Sadly my iPhone


Apps you’re addicted to:
1. Kijiji
2. The Weather Network
3. The Gram


Memories of the summer:
1. The first Roots stop weekend
2. Wakeskate tour stop in Sarnia
3. Early morning sets at Railyard before work.