Every time I see something in wakeboarding that could have been done a bit bigger, maybe a bit more stylish, or just a lot cleaner, I think of a friend who is consistently striding for perfection: Dylan Miller. Dylan is a Saskatchewan native who is pushing our sport in the right direction. Like a lot rookie riders out there Dylan, spent his first year on the Pro Tour working out the kinks. I’m confident that this year Dylan will be turning heads and taking names. Don’t forget his name because you’ll definitely start seeing a lot more of it.

Dylan Miller, age 21 from Oxbow SK. Did I miss anything? Nope I think you got it all, we’re off to a good start.

Lets get down to biz. In your opinion, what are some of the changes you would like to see in wakeboarding? How can we change it? Well let’s see… More dope rails and more gnarly moves on them (laughs). That’s a start I guess, more good quality films with good music. Music really does make or break a section in my mind; more quality music less crap. As far as changing it, I guess I should build a rail, grease it, edit the footage to a good song then sit back and collect cheques. Wow, if only it were that easy.

You work on an oil rig every year to save up for wakeboarding in Florida. Tell us what it’s like out there? Is it worth it to come to Florida and just ride? This is true, it’s really pretty crazy out there.  Lots of explosions and fires and everyone you work with is an angry, stubborn old rigger with no teeth who plots to injure and or kill you every day (laughs). No, it’s really not that bad although it does get really cold here in the winter, you are outside a lot so that sucks. For the most part it’s a great way to make some serious cash and we all know wakeboarding isn’t the cheapest sport out there. It’s definitely worth it.

What’s it like being from Canada and trying to wakeboard? I don’t know how to answer this… it’s great when I’m in Florida that’s for sure, but wakeboarding in Saskatchewan during the winter doesn’t really work out to well. 

What’s your stance on politics? And in your opinion, what is going to turn this economy around? I really don’t pay enough attention to that kind of stuff, but I was just in Orlando a couple days ago and filled three jerry cans for 25 bucks, before I came home five months ago it cost $30 to fill just one, so I’m stoked. As long as our dollar goes back up I’ll be happy. 

Dylan Miller

How is sponsoring Dylan Miller going to change the world? Well now, I don’t know if sponsoring me is going to change much of the world.  I’d like to think I could have some impact on the wakeboard world in the near future though. It would be pretty cool to influence other wakeboarders.

Some say Canadian rider’s stick together. True? True; we do tend to stay close to one another.  We all get along well and have lots in common so we like to shred and hang out together.

Has wakeboarding got you more dates with women? I guess. It’s put me in lots of situations to meet new gals. But I have a good girl right now so I’m pumped. 

I hear (literally) that you produce music and apparently you’re really good. Do you see yourself ever trying to pursue that dream? Yes I sure do! It occupies most of my free time other than riding, like right now I was just working on a track before I started answering these questions. I’m starting to get a good feel for it for sure, I’ve been doing it for just over a year and loving every minute of it. As far as pursuing it, I’d love to but there are a lot of people doing it these days. So I’m just gonna keep doing my thing and if it turns into something all the better.

Who inspires you in your music productions? What do you listen to? My primary source of inspiration is hip hop for sure.  There are a lot of other genres I listen to like jazz, classic rock and soul; that’s where I get a lot of the samples I use. As for actual artists I listen to… Atmosphere, J Dilla, Nas, Pete Rock, Gang Starr, Hi-Tek, Little Brother, 9th Wonder, Brother Ali, Black Milk, Thievery Corporation, Masta Ace, The Roots, Mos Def, Common, Felt and of course me! (laughs)   

Who do you usually ride with? You, Adam Burwell, Ashley Leugner, Braden Stumborg, Dustin O’Ferrall and a bunch of other Canadian shredders… word.

How long have you been riding for? Coming up this summer it’s ten years. Pretty crazy really; that seems like a long time.   

Dylan Miller

Canadian Wakeboard Nationals this year was a giant success, not to mention hard as hell from a competitor standpoint. Where do you see our Nationals going? Ya man, Nationals was crazy this year. The riding there was as good if not better than one of the pro tour stops. There were 9’s and back 7’s all over the place, and the rail comp was the best rail comp I’ve ever been a part of and I’ve been to the Carnival the last 2 years. I really felt good going into the rail comp this year but the French Connection took over as soon as finals came around; those kids are unreal on rails.  I could really see Summer Invasion turning into something great that riders from all over come to. We have an awesome site, an unreal crew that arranges everything, and the guys that build the rails are the best in the industry (laughs). 

Give us some general information that the average person doesn’t know about yourself, keep it PG! I have perfectly shaped triangular hair patch on my back, but I have a girlfriend to shave it now… so no one knows.

Who is responsible for where you are today? Any suggestions to big fans that want to live the dream? My parents play a huge roll in what I do, my mom, dad and sister have spent so many hours in the boat with me when they could be out doing other things. They have provided me with a boat whenever I need it and a full tank of gas along with it. But now that I live in Florida for most of the year I have to fend for myself that’s where the drilling rig comes into play. As for suggestions, find a way to make good cash quick, get your ass to FL and shred some gnar.

Craziest time of your life. Where? When? Why? Probably the Shuswap houseboat trip last year.  It was a life experience that reminds me why you should only drink 1 or 2 times a week. We went there simply to party. There was really no plan to ride a lot, it was just a raving disco party; our boat was themed 70’s disco. There actually might be a video of it on Youtube under floating disco… i dunno though.

Is there a certain aspect of your riding you’ll be working on this year? A specific trick maybe? Maybe a new style… Short shorts? Maybe wake pants? Me and my co-rider Adam [Burwell] have been talking about doing some new stuff for this up coming year, a lot of has to do with filming and new ideas for that. I also really want to learn some new stuff for my tour pass as well, so I got lots of work to do.  Short shorts are always a good way to relieve some stress. Whenever I get frustrated with riding me and a co-rider usually toss on some jean shorts and take some pics. I suggest it to every one.

What are you rolling on these days? Would you like to sell it? How much? Thanks for asking. I’ve got a 2007 Nissan Titan for sale 38,000 kms mint shape $31,900 it’s…  am I going to have to pay for this?

Next to me, who are some of the people that influence you to wakeboard? (laughs) Anyone that’s doing new stuff that makes wakeboarding look gnarly. I’m all about the crazy stunts, the more consequence the better!    

Dylan Miller

Time for your thank you’s and shout outs. I’d like to thank my entire family for supporting me in what I do.  Everyone I ride with Dustin [O’Ferrall], Ashley [Leugner], Adam, you (Anthony Hollick), Braden Stumborg, Trevor Hansen and Rusty Malinoski. All my sponsors; Jeff, Ryan, and Ian @ O’Brien Wakeboards, Jayna @ Lost Clothing, everyone @ BMG Sports, Aaron Lepin @ Xcel Wetsuits; you guys are all super easy to deal with. Product has never been a problem I appreciate it so much. Anthony Hollick for doing this Interview, Kevin Henshaw for letting me use his boat to get the shots for this article. Thomas [Gustafson] for taking the pics, Trevor Greer for helping me advance myself in the sport, he has done so much for me and wakeboarding as a whole in Canada he deserves some recognition.  Mike Lieffers and Sheri Seiferling for making things so much easier as a wakeboarder in Saskatchewan, Brian and Barb Burwell for giving me a place to stay in Regina when ever I need it, SBC and Adam Levitt for giving me this article, all my close friends back home Ron, Josh, Steve and of course my Girlfriend Lauren for being sweet and looking good. I think thats all I hope so…. Peace