Adventurous, free, simple, smart, talented: Dominic Lagace is one of the best people you would ever meet and an incredible athlete, ambassador of wake surfing. This guy from Quebec has a dream lifestyle, traveling all around the world for more that 18 years now coaching, competing, and spreading his love for the sport everywhere he goes. Leaving behind him, smiles and hopes to everyone around. His approach to life and simple mindset has put him in the top of the world where he practically can choose he wants to go. And with endless wakesurf wave he loves to shred, it seems like he could ride this party wave forever.

So Dom when was the first time you hear, about wakesurfing?  
It was in 2002 I think, a friend from home told me about surfing behind the boat, so we decided to try it. There wasn’t any videos or photos that we could learn from, so we just tried until we could make a decent wake; it was a really fun process.

Tell us about the first time you let the go the rope and started to ride the wave? 
It’s just an awesome feeling of freedom without bindings or a handle. It’s almost like floating but way cooler. For those that have tried it, they understand

Coming from a place with so many lakes like Quebec; did you think it was meant to be that you would become a professional athlete on the water? Which other sports did you like to do beside the wakesurfing? 
I don’t know because it’s also really cold. But I always like boardsports like snowboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, and with all my travel I was always in the water. I grew up just beside a river in Trois-Rivieres and I spend a lot of time fishing and playing around the lake. I love to fish, even when I’m at the beach I wake up very early and if the surf is not that great, I fish. 

Most people don’t know at the age of 22 years old you had a job teaching people how to build airplanes, tell us about that time? Why did you decide to quit a very stable job? 
Yes, I was a teacher in a professional school to learn how to built airplanes. It was a great stable job. Before working there, I was already travelling a lot and I always loved the adventure. At one point I really started missing it. I wasn’t happy knowing that my life would be every day: go to work, come back home and do the same thing everyday. It was just so boring to me. So I decided to quit everything and go to with adventure of life and just do what I like the most, travelling and doing board sports.

In wakesurfing there are 2 styles, surf style and skim style; why did you choose to ride skim style?
When I started riding in Quebec there were only skim style boards. I didn’t find out about surf style boards until I went compete in the States in 2007. But I really like the skim style; it’s looser, you need to feel your board, any little movement is a big one in skim. I just have so much fun in it and it keeps me there in that moment. The tricks are same as skateboarding, a lot of different spins. I also love to ride switch; it’s super fun and it gives you a lot of new tricks to practice. 

You are one of the first professional wakesurfers to have a pro model board with a big wakeboard company; talk about your pro model with Liquid Force.
I started riding for Liquid Force in 2010. We made a skim style board called the Doum Skim. It’s a really strong board, good for airs, spins, and shuvits. I was super stoked when I got in contact with them, It was a big step for the wake surfing scene and I think that was the moment when the wakeboard companies started to look at wake surfing more serious as opposed to something to do when it was windy or the water was rough.


With so many years wake surfing, where do you feel the sport is now?
It’s been growing a lot over the last few years and it’s still going to grow: this is just the beginning. There is more and more people doing it and many more contest around the world. With Tige Boats making a bigger wave and Liquid Force making better boards, they are pushing the sport by advancing their product and it’s helped a lot in the progression on the sport. Now everyone can see how fun it is even if you’re not at a pro level; riding with your family or friends and having fun is just an amazing feeling. Another advantage of the sport is the low body impact that has; it’s very rare for people to get injured.

You are called one of the best wakesurf coaches in the world, what does that mean to you? How do you find time to ride and practice new tricks when you’re coaching and traveling so much?
It’s honour and it’s my lifestyle. I have more than 10 years coaching water sports I own a wake school in Quebec called Hi-5. I also have been in so many countries to coach and promote wakesurfing. This really follows my vision of life, traveling and wake surfing. I always promote the use of life jackets, even when though the falls aren’t very dangerous it’s still very important. My only problem now is finding the time for training. With all the travel it does make it harder to train. But right now my goal is to push people to ride and grow the sport.

You are also one of the first wakesurfers to open the gates into the big boat companies, talk about Tige boats.
Tige Boats are great with myself and their other athletes. It’s like a family. They took wakesurfing seriously and made some changes to their boats to create an awesome wave for wakesurfing. They came out with the Convex VX hull that creates a bigger and longer wave, which in turn makes for an easier, more fun ride. I’m really happy to ride for them; they really want to push the sport and they really listen to their team and take advantage of our experience. Also the boats look sick. If you have the chance, go try them out at your local dealer.

There are now many wakesurf contests all over the world, which one is your favorite and why?
The Endless Wave tour is very good; a lot of friends and family go there to have fun. The tour has 5 stops all around the United States and this year for the first time it’s coming to Canada.

Why do you think so many people fall in love so fast for the wake surfing?
Wakesurfing brings you that surf feeling with having to go to the ocean. You can do it on the closest lake and it’s 100 times easier than “real” surfing. Everybody can do it, from 5 till 70 years old. It’s also really low impact on the body when you fall. Everyone in the boat can enjoy it: mom, dad, the kids, everyone. 

With a teammate like pro surfer Josh Kerr, do you think more pro surfers are going join the wakesurf party? 
Of course. There are more and more pro surfers and pro skimboarders who are wakesurfing. It’s a good training tool for them to learn new tricks. Even when the ocean is flat they can go practice some of their tricks behind the boat.

We know you are a traveler, and you have been endless traveling for more than 18 years, what motivates you? 
I just love it. I try to realize dream after dream. That’s what keeps me alive. I wakesurf and coach 6 months per year and the other 6 months I surf in the ocean. It’s always exciting to discover new place, traditions, and new waves.

Where do you like to go surfing? 
Anywhere with not too many people. It’s hard but you can always find epic spots, warm water, and nice people; I spend a lot of time in Mexico. Indo is nice too, as well as South America. It also depends on the people you travel with. I love surfing; last year I got barreled so many times, I could believe it.

Was there a trip that changed you life? 
My 1st travel when I was 17. I hitchhiked around all of Canada for 3 months. I had such a great experience and met a lot of great people. Since then, I never wanted to stop.

What is you lifetime goal? 
Love, happiness, freedom and keep realizing my dreams