Zak Stone, or “Stoney Baloney” as we like to call him, missed Wakestock last year. Why? He was snowboarding in New Zealand. Zak has two wakeskate videos parts this year, and by the time you read this he will have missed both premieres. Why? First off, he’s way too young to get into bars. Second, his clothing sponsor, Volcom, is flying him to Japan to snowboard. Zak is a boy-man on the move. Some say his snowboarding will always come before his wakeskating. This is pretty much true, but it don’t matter none. He learns tricks extremely fast, so regardless of how much water time he gets, Zak is the future. And that’s no baloney.

“Stoney Baloney looks like Mowgli from The Jungle Book. He’s got way too much talent. I’m going to strain his ankles or something just a bit so that I can catch up. Or maybe I’ll just cut all his hair off. That’s where he gets all of his powers from: his long jungle hair.” —Nick Harlos

What’s your name, date of birth and hometown?

Zak Stone, Sept. 6, 1991, Collingwood, ON.

Who are your wake and snow sponsors?

Phat Wakes, Sattelyte, Volcom, Electric, Icarus skateshop, K2 and Stone Funds.


What did Nick Harlos do when you landed your first Kickflip on a wakeskate?

He jumped off his Sea-Doo going full speed, fully clothed with his shoes on, and Harrison Gray, who was on the back filming, had to drive [the Sea-Doo] back. It was alright.

How long have you wakeskated for?

One and a half seasons, I guess.

How many years have you snowboarded for?


How did you hook up with Sattelyte?

Through Phat Wakes Wakeboarding School.

It’s a pretty big team. Who’s your favourite?

I can’t say. Everybody kills it, but I do like H-Loose [Nick Harlos]. He drives me for free all the time, and he teaches me tricks.

Most wakeskaters in Canada also snowboard. Does snowboarding help your wakeskating?

Kind of, I guess. It helps your balance a bit.

Would you ever trade in your snow stick to become a full-time water-dancer?

I don’t think so. Not yet, anyways.

Even though we’re talking over the phone, pretend to be looking me straight in the eye and tell me what wakeskate tricks you’re going to stomp this season.

Flip tricks off rails, Frontside Flips, V-Flips and more wake-to-wake tricks.


I would like to thank all my sponsors, my parents and all of my family, everyone on the Sattelyte team, and all of my friends.

Is there anyone in particular you would like to thank, perhaps a special lady friend?

If I get into names, it will go forever. But perhaps Gary [Munce], Emily [Pattison] and Harlos.

Anything else you want to throw in for good measure?

Tindys are the raddest trick on a snowboard.

What about on a wakeskate?

Olliein’ over ducks is cool but dangerous.