The first time I ever rode with Scott Boysen was in a ditch in front of my house two years ago. We had an up-rail setup, and we were towing behind my brother’s car. The water was cold, but our spirits were high as it was our first time back on our boards after winter. Scott threw down all day. I was stoked when he called me the next weekend to come ride at his cottage on Sandy Lake. Since then, Scott and I have been riding together whenever he’s down at the cottage, which is often. I’ve watched him progress over the past two seasons, and he’s been one of the biggest influences in my own progression. He is a dedicated rider, and he has more fun on the water than anyone I’ve seen. Whenever he rides, he never stops smiling. And he can always do something funny to bring a smile to my face if I’m having a bad set. —Vince Whiteman

Name, age and sponsors?

Scott Boysen, 18, Gator Boards, POP’School [Lake of Bays] and Pop apparel.

How did you get the scar under your eye?

I knew you would have some weird opener. I was putting on a fresh pair of tighty-whities when they got into a bunch. I then proceeded to trip over a guinea pig cage and fell face-first into a chair. It happened right before the summer, so it got all tanned. Now it’s there forever. I think it’s badass.

Tell me about the first time you ever wakeskated.

I was probably out ripping somewhere on Sandy Lake with you, riding that old CWB Lucky we had with Matt Sacc.

Did you think you would make it where you are now?

Where am I now?

I don’t know. You tell me.

At Mark Enns’ place in Clermont, Florida.

Do you feel the pressure to perform, or do you block out the crowds?

Riding is just riding. You can beat any pressure if you can go out and have fun with it.

Describe your typical summer day.

Wake up, go out and ride Sandy Lake for an early-morning set, eat some oven-baked pizza, try to build something new or just ride with my pals.

You just came off a successful summer. What were the contest highlights?

Second at Rock the Wake, third at Wakestock am division, qualifying for pro, and third at Canadian nationals.

What does the upcoming summer have in store?

Lots, I hope. I want to do some jams, pool comps, ride some winch and build some new stuff.

Is winching going to take over?

There are way too many mediums for winching to take over. Although tricks are going down behind the winch that have never been seen, I can’t wait to see where it takes wakeskating.

If you had to choose one medium, what would it be?

Winching. Making something from nothing and making the trick work is a good feeling.

Best memory?

That time I stabbed you with a pencil. I think you stole my Thomas the Tank engine or something.

Is your tongue longer then Gene Simmons’? What’s your secret?

I’m not sure what size he is, but I will measure up to him. All you have to do is eat candy. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Minis with ice cream.

Right… any last words of wisdom for the kids?

Wakeskating is what you want it to be, just to shred for yourself and not let what other people think distract you. Just keep tweaking it.


You, of course, for getting this stuff done, Jordy and Tyler at Pop, Gator, my family, Curtis Ski School, Focus crew, TDA, my girlfriend for supporting me, L.T.D. crew, Vince and Justin for pulling me, Paul at L13, and everyone who has inspired me.