Thing you did this morning?
Got up and went to my girlfriend’s work to pick up my truck. She takes it to work and then her dad takes me to pick it up so I don’t have to get up at 6 a.m.

Wakeboard you rode?
A Jobe or something; it was Gerry Nunn’s pro model board. I was at a clinic with him, so whatever board he was riding he let me try.

Wakeboard owned?
It was a CWB board with a checkered graphic that had a robot on it. I tried riding Gerry Nunn’s at first, but it was too big, so my dad bought me one from the pro shop.

Boat you rode behind?
Not sure… but my parents owned a Malibu ski boat that I used to ride behind every day. It had a Skylon pole, and we loaded it down with ballast bags and sandbags.

Trick you learned?
A Toeside One wake jump. I was so happy when I did it, I would just do them all day. My dad used to bribe me with money to try tricks [laughs].

Contest won?
I had won quite a few INT events and little grassroots contests like that. My first recognized win was in 2008, when I won the Boys division at the world championships.

Car you bought?
An ’07 Chevy Avalanche. My mom and dad had bought me a Mercedes ML320 before I got my Avalanche though.

Photo published in a magazine?
A sequence shot by Jason Lee of a Double Grabbed Heel 720.

CWB Wakeboards.

I’ve never had a real job besides wakeboarding. Before I was sponsored, I used to go to my parents’ business and help them by cleaning the buildings, washing trucks and painting walls.

Trip To Florida?
I was, like, 10, so 2004; I went for WWA Worlds at OWC [Orlando Watersports Complex]. I learned a bunch of new tricks when I got there from Andrew [Adkison] and [Shaun] Murray, and then I ended up getting second to Jacob Valdez.

Team sport?
I played basketball when I was in middle school, and was going to play hockey but then I started getting more serious about wakeboarding.

My two dogs, Maya (a golden retriever) and Riley (a chocolate lab/hound mix).

New trick landed in 2014?
Unfortunately, I’m not going to be doing any new tricks for a while.

Wake-related injury?
I just recently tore my ACL in my left knee.

Kanye West back in December.

Trick off the dock every day?
Normally, a Switch Mute 360.

Person you would thank?
My mom and dad—without them I wouldn’t have a wakeboard career.