Thing you did this morning?
I’m in Canyon Lake for the Byerly Experience Tour this week, so I texted my wife “Good Morning Dear,” then checked Instagram.

Wakeboard ridden?
My dad rented me a Conelly Switchstance from Glen Sharpley’s in Haliburton for a week: it came with a “how to” VHS.

Wakeboard owned?
A Hyperlite Fluid my mom bought me at the 2nd Wakestock we went to watch.

Boat you rode behind?
First boat ever was our family’s Grew with a 60 OB. First wakeboard boat was at Dave and Tiff Tsuyuki’s Wakeboard School, it was a direct drive Super Air Nautique

Standing sideways?
Snowboard lesson first, skateboarding was second, then I tried wakeboarding.

Trick you learned?
I don’t really remember my first EVER trick. My first real memorable trick I landed was a Tantrum at Dave and Tiff Tsuyuki’s Wakeboard School. I can still picture it; it was in Allport Bay in Bracebridge.

Contest won?
An X-Cup Stop in Peterborough after my first winter spending 3 months in Florida.

After my first year running my own wakeboard School at Pride Of Muskoka I had made a bit of money and bought my a 2000 GMC Sierra.

Photo published in a magazine?
It’s still one of my favorites! A photo Adam Levitt took of me on this crazy multi-pool set up we had built at Jimmy Brace’s cottage. The last section was a staircase with a handrail into the lake, and the photo was of me on the handrail. I just sessioned the last section, Jimmy was the only one who could make the whole setup!

SquidWear, a clothing company. Not sure if they’re still around.

Wake related injury?
A cracked rib at Wakestock in Wasaga Beach during my run in the Pro Division. I had won the amateur event and qualified into the Pro Division and was so stoked, then in my run mid-Tootsie Roll I must of been in a funny position and my rib popped mid trick. It was horrible.

My grandpa owns a trucking company so my first jobs were there, I had some pretty rough ones. Shoveling rotted watermelons out of semi trailers after they were shipped up from Florida was the worst.

Food items stuck in your beard.
Greek yogurt and ice cream have been a challenge since day 1.

Trip to Florida?
My first wakeboard trip was after the 2nd Wakestock in 1999 were I met Gerry Nunn. He invited me to come ride at his house if I was ever down south. I totally took him up on that.

Team sport?
I played everything but first I remember was playing soccer cause our team was sponsored by Robert Munch.

Lesson learned about starting your own business?
That it’s a business, and we have to treat it like that; policies and procedures, meetings, all that stuff is vital. Also turning your hobby into a business with your best friend is a lot of fun.

Autograph given?
I’m pretty sure it was for my Grandpa Bill, he said it may be worth something some day, ha.

Person who you would thank?
That’s a long list: my parents are a tie, and always gotta thank my wife.

Blink 182, I still haven’t been to another big concert like that.

Trick off the dock everyday?
Bat Wing to Blind/Indy poke TS BS Off-axis 3: it just feels good.