First thing you did this morning? Hit the snooze on my alarm

First wakeboard you rode? Hyperlite Pro             

First wakeskate you rode? Waxed up Flight 69 

First wakeskate setup you owned? Hyperlite Waterskate

First boat you rode behind? My parent’s Four Winns 

First time standing sideways? Got my first skateboard for Christmas when I was 4 

First wakeboarding video ever watched? Spray 

First trick you learned? Heelside indy’s

First contest won? Either 2003 Pro Wakeskate Tour Kelowna stop or Wakestock. I can’t remember exactly

First car you bought? A black Honda Prelude

First video you were in? Daily Dose

First photo published in a magazine? FS 360 across the up flat rail at OWC 

First sponsor you had? SIC Clothing

First wake related injury? Got my right knee scoped 

First job you had? Sales guy at Performance Ski and Surf

First wakeboard trip you went on? I went to Curacao in the Caribbean for Hyperlite 

First team sport you played? Basketball

First pet? Box turtle named Flash 

First autograph given? Someone at the Bluetorch Ride and Slide in Irvine, CA 

First CD/tape/record you purchased? Lenny Kravitz, Are You Gonna Go My Way

First time you got into a fight? I got sucker punched in high school once 

First person who you would thank? Scott Byerly 

First Concert you went to? New Kids on The Block with my sisters 

First girl you ever went out with? Holly Hunt

First trick off the dock everyday? Frontside 3