Muskoka is the heart of wakeboarding in Canada. It is home to Basecamp (Canada’s #1 wakeboard camp) making it the perfect background for the first ever Grom Search for wakeboarding. Scott Duke from Basecamp handpicked 10 of Canada’s top Groms to battle it out over two days of solid riding.  The spoils at the end of the event would be a one year sponsorship deal for Rip Curl Canada.

Highlights from the 2 day event included the showdown between Jordan Long and Christian Primrose. The two boys rode for almost two hours of W.A.K.E.  The battle turned out to be combat of the fittest. Both boys both landing multiple tricks they had never attempted before (backside 3 and switch scarecrow). It was Christian who finally faultered with a slight mistake on a shifty 180 that gave Jordan the advantage and finally the win. At the rail park it was once again the two Ontario natives battling it out on the wall ride.  Christian stomping a backroll of the end of it and Jordan spinning out 5.   

At the end of the day it was splitting hairs between the two boys. Rip Curl Canada brand manager Drew Hawkshaw ended up making the call and Rip Curl Canada stepped up and doubled their commitment to the boys and signed them both on 1 year deals with Rip Curl.

“It was the most fun I have ever had wakeboarding” said Jordan and Christian after their battle. The event saw everyone riding outside their comfort zone. Multiple tricks were landed for the first time ever and great friendships were made.  All in all it was a very motivating event for all the Groms. Wakeboarding in Canada is strong and with events like this for the young Groms to group together and push themselves the level of riding will just keep going through the roof.

Thanks to everyone involved I had a blast!!

Until next years Grom Search or Wakestock this is DW out!!!!
Daniel Watkins.