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Slingshot Wakeboards

As wakeboarders, it’s always been pretty easy to poke fun at kiteboarders, but this time around it appears they may have the last laugh. Slingshot has been a major player in the kiteboard industry for a long time and this year it’s thrown its hat into the wakeboard industry. With input from freeride legend Collin Wright, Slingshot has introduced new technologies that may completely reshape the way we think about wakeboard design. This new technology uses Future Response Technology (FRT), which allows the board to flex and give the rider a feel more similar to that of a snowboard....

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The Grinch Winch

For those of you who’ve had your head in the sand for the past couple of years, winches have become one of the hottest accessories around. Virtually every pro wakekskater has one of these to access spots a boat or PWC can’t. Winches are pretty simple machines, but The Grinch, from the fine folks at Distortion Boarding, is reliable and has enough power for deep waterstarts. The Grinch was the winch of choice for the Oakley Launch Pool at Wakestock 2006....

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H2O Audio

Here’s a situation we’ve all come across at some point: you’re out enjoying your wake session, but your crew in the boat is blasting hip-hop out of the tower speakers when all you want to listen to is a little emo. You can now listen to your own tunes while you ride, thanks to H20 Audio. This water-housing offers you complete protection for your iPod and still lets you control all of the normal functions via the scroll wheel. The waterproof earphones wrap around your ears to make sure they don’t fall off by mistake. Since you’ll be busy...

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