Author: Melissa Kurtin

The First 48

If you’ve not heard of Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC) you’ve been living under a rock. As the Canadian season is estentially 4-5 months, at one point or another most of the Canadian riders have spent at least a winter at CWC. It is a home away from home, an oasis to those who just want to ride. You’ll meet fellow wakeboarders from all over the world, and get to spend 13 hours a day enjoying the sun and wakeboarding. While we’ve all either experienced or added it to our bucket list, there is a a lot of knowledge and insider...

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New Season, New Outlook

The rumours are true, SBC Wakeboard is back and ready to kick off the season with a new editor at the wheel. As many know last July, when SBC Media filed for bankruptcy the Canadian action sports industry felt a sudden void and was left with asking “what’s next for us?” In September, The C.J Group of companies, secured and purchased all of the SBC Media titles. The C.J. Group of Companies is one of the largest and most successful privately-owned media communications and graphics solutions firms in Canada with significant resources, experience in, and a passion for action...

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