Author: Jill Ellsworth

Find your tribe and let the good times roll. We don’t need much to be happy and feel alive. We just need one day at a great wake park surrounded by the best crew; people who push boundaries, who challenge you, who make you better. Some of our Sesitec team riders met at Turncable Wake Park – watch them ride and have a good time. // Riders: Tobias Michel, Yanneck Konda, Blake Bishop, Felix Georgii, Dominik Hernler // Filming and editing: Steffen Vollert // Thumbnail image: Stefan Eigner // Location: Turncable Wake...

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Joel DeRoche “Next Episode”

  Joel DeRoche’s new 2017 video part “Next Episode” features many urban and street winch spots throughout California’s flooded waterways. Along with a few early morning sets at Wake Island in Sacramento,CA. Joel’s part really showcases his unique style and creativity hit after hit. Film and Edit: Joesph Matthew...

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Plastic Playground 2017

Share Plastic Playground 2017 once again hosted an international lineup of wakeboarders on a unique Unit Parktech setup of customer wakepark features. Aaron Gunn and Julia Rick took victory in a final stacked with epic riding from the world’s...

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Columbia OutDry Extreme ECO Jacket Review

Review by: Melissa Kurtin   A few months ago I received the Columbia Women’s Titanium Outdry Ex Eco Jacket and thought, oh great another rain jacket! You might think I’m being sarcastic, but I’m definitely not; I was so stoked! A good rain jacket is a hot ticket item for someone who works a lot of outdoor events. This year has been particularly horrible for weather; out of the 8 wakeboard events held in Ontario, it rained at 6 of them, which really sucks. When I first opened the box, a plastic-looking white jacket was staring back at me....

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